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In accordance with the advice of the local medical practice, published on 20th March 2020, and the subsequent statement by the Scottish First Minister on 22nd March 2020, that government guidance in respect of Coronavirus is to “be seen as a set of rules to be followed”, we have taken the view that “unnecessary travel” reasonably includes holiday travel. Consequently, we cancelled all bookings from the end of March to July 24th 2020 and have issued full refunds to all those affected clients.

On entering Phase 2 of the Lock-Down exit strategy, and experiencing a significant increase in booking enquiries, we decided that as of 15th June 2020, we would re-open our booking calendar and publish our availability.  Clients should note that bookings in 2020/21 will still be cancelled where government restrictions on travel remain in effect or are reintroduced.  Full refunds will continue to be issued during the month prior to cancelled booking commencement dates, in these circumstances.

As of 3rd July 2021, the Scottish Government has allowed self catering accommodation to re-open and travel restrictions to be lifted.  At present, we do not know what new legislative or operational constraints  may be placed upon us. However, we wish to act responsibly in the interests of our clients and our community and therefore we have developed a management strategy which adopts guidance published by the Association of Scotland’s Self Caterers.  Protocols include an increased laundry inventory, delayed entry to the cottage, deep cleaning procedures with checklists for guest review, an implied guest health declaration,  guest actions on departure (Ref T&Cs) and self isolation at the cottage if required.  It is our sincere desire to ensure we do the best we can to make sure that everything that is reasonable to do, is done, to protect all involved.  

Our T&Cs and Risk Assessments have been updated and are published on this website as part of this strategy. In addition, the T&Cs will be re-issued by email to those who already have bookings.  We are expecting this approach to be well received but if any clients find the replacement T&Cs to be unacceptable, full refunds will be issued upon request. We cannot however accept any liability for any consequential losses which clients incur as a result of this course of events.

Thankfully, Coronavirus does not appear to have visited the island.  Please be aware however, that Tiree has an older demographic than the rest of the UK and therefore attracts higher virus related risks than that faced by the the general population.  In addition, we have limited medical facilities which could quickly become overwhelmed in the event of a serious outbreak.  If you are in any doubt about potential symptoms, PLEASE do not travel.

While on the island, please follow the Scottish Government guidance in force at the time of your visit.  Be particularly aware of the increased risk where people congregate, namely shops, post offices, the bank, cafes, restaurants and hotels and remain vigilant in maintaining 2m social distancing.  The Tiree Trust have launched the very informative TIREE COVID-19 section on their website which provides detailed information for all using the island’s facilities.

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