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Web site programming - always a bit daunting!  Its not as bad as it seems though.  Basically it all breaks down to HTML, CSS and Javascript.  Easy huh? Well it is once you start to get to grips with it. However, at Tignum we don’t waste time learning dull stuff unless we need it.  All our websites are produced on a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) program called WebPus X8.  Powerful but not as powerful as coding the page the hard way and so sometimes we jump into HTML/CSS/Javascript when we have to, but its very laborious and boring.

The Tignum Digital Alchemy website you are viewing at the moment was made using WebPlus, as were the three sites which are shown to the left of this text.  Click on any/all of the images to visit and inspect them.

Our sites are simple and non dynamic.  They advertise something but don’t collect data from site visitors or process information.  Communication is enabled via email links.  We can however provide booking calendars, slide shows, secure pages and the like.  The idea is to provide an advertising presence on the Internet without the site owner (or us) having to maintain it.  Far too time consuming - we have photography, wind turbines, geodesic domes, 3D printing and other fun things to do/make. Life is just too short for adverts.

If you need a simple web site, and we know you or you are a worthy cause, we might be able to help you get an Internet presence.  No promises though!

Website Development

Creagan Cottage

A holiday cottage which the owners rent to holiday makers.  The site provides all the information required to book the cottage and provides downloadable info for clients use as well as information about the island where it is located.

Sunnyville Cottage

Another holiday cottage.  The site is simpler than the creagan site but has all the essentials.

Glenmoss Landscapes

This site was for a landscape gardening company.  Again fairly simple but has everything it requires.

A Voice In A Shreiking Crowd